Thursday, February 12, 2009

Second Life Group

New Second Life group - Inglewood Airships.

Mostly a update group for my little airship builds. But I thought also a handy way for fellow airship geeks to meetup and stay in contact with one another. Did I mention freebies? Gots to love the freebies.

Hey, if nothing else give it a look for the nifty tags I came up with. Ever wanted to be one of the following?
  • Aeronaut
  • Airship Ballast
  • Airship Gypsy - Thanks Cayce!
  • Airship Pirate---Argh!
  • Pirateer--- same as above but with less social complications.
  • Airship Cannon Fodder - Hey! We can't all be Captain!
  • Airship Geek
  • Spunky Sidekick
I know, I know...those tags alone are worth joining. Once again Inglewood Airships-free-fellow airship geeks-free stuff. Go!

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