Friday, May 8, 2009

Evening Star Boxed Set for Sale

Evening Star Airships - Boxed Set -buy it HERE

Sail the skies of Second Life with these 18/25 prim, physical airships. Always wanted a airship but steam power and all that brass of Steampunk not your thing? These airships were inspired to blend into nature instead of overpowering it. Drift low and quietly over your favorite areas in Second Life while the flaming beacon guides your way. Listen to the waves crash, the birds sing, the wind blow through the trees. The Evening Star Airships are powered by sail and lift is provided by hydrogen, helium, fae magick, you decide. The perfect airship for a "non-airship" area and yet blends perfectly into any Victorian/Steampunk Sim.

The Evening Star Boxed Set of Airships contains two versions of the Evening star. The 18 prim Evening Star I and the 25 prim Evening Star II complete with wood fired, flaming beacon. These airships feature seating for two and are very maneuverable, perfect for flying low between the trees. Easy controls so you can focus on the view and interacting with your passenger.

Physical Airship
18/25 Prims
Controls are:
Up - Up arrow key.
Down - Down arrow key.
Left - Left arrow key.
Right - Right arrow key.
Forward - Up arrow key. High, low medium speeds.
reverse - Down arrow key.
Mod/Copy/No Trans