Monday, February 16, 2009

Inglewood Airships Has A Logo

Things don't exist with out a name. And since our brains work in images, things to a lesser degree don't exist without a image. Thus.... The new logo.

I know! Pretty Spiff!

I know what your thinking... Aether you must have spent days working on that.

Okay, maybe your thinking..Aether you must have spent seconds working on that.

Well, your right but I'm not saying in which case.

I will point you here though.
Official Seal Generator is a very handy site for makeing great looking seals in a matter of minutes. Pick your shape, enter your text, select a image and push the Button. Yes, yes, I know. you will be etunrally grateful for this post. Send those Lindens to

Aether Inglewood Mayfair, Caledon

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